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Globalization, general access to internet and the wide spread of digital devices have made digital marketing a huge business. Compared to classical media forms like print, digital field offers lowered costs and precise customer segmentation. Since digital marketing platforms can measure every action the customer makes during the marketing process, it is the field for marketer to concentrate right.

Selling online around the world and gain huge masses behind a brand is reality for some companies: How can one do this? Forming a consistent online marketing plan is essential to achieve good marketing results. Clear brand identity and visual guidelines are also key ingredients for a brand to succeed, but will be excluded from this thesis.

There are few steps you need to take into consideration when you want to build a successful digital marketing agency. But first let me show you and example of a digital marketing agency

Here is a video for you to get a better understanding of digital marketing.

For more in depth on digital marketing l advise you to enroll in this helpful digital marketing course. After this course you will be a professional digital marketer.

  1. Choose a niche
  2. Market research
  3. Digital Marketing plan
  4. Building a brand name

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Choose a niche
A niche is a specific sector of the market that one can target for example weight lose niche or clothing niche. Many of you will ask themselves why limit yourself to just one niche, choosing a niche when you are a start-up is very important because it will enable you to target you clients and learn from them faster so as to provide quality services to them.

Just imagine you are a start-up and your clients are from all sectors of the market from food production to car repairs, each of those sectors require different marketing strategies and as a start-up you don’t have experience, this is result to poor services therefor less clients. Remember Rome wasn’t build over night, take it step by step.
Market research
Market research is one of the most important steps when starting not only digital marketing but all types of businesses. You start by looking at your current situation.

Or you can buy this book called Digital marketing for Dummies. This books is perfect for beginners and it has helped me to increase my clients sales using their strategies.

Situation analysis
This is when you look at your current situation as mentioned above. This is done using the SWOT method.

For the strengths section you put what you think you have a competitive advantage over your competition. For the rest of the sections you will just need fill it up according to your digital business idea.

Competition analysis

Competitive analysis means analyzing competing companies and assessing their strategies, processes and goals. Social brand bench-marking means searching and analyzing competing companies’ social media strategy and the kind of content they produce.

Questions that can help forming a picture of the current competition:
  • Who are the competitors and what do they sell?
  • What is their current and past marketing strategies?what is working for them and what is not?
  • What kind of media are they producing? How often do they post?
  • What are their strengths and weakness?

Digital Marketing plan
This is when to plan how you are going to advertise/market/promote your client’s services or products. This step will determine if you are going to be successful as digital marketer or not. Marketing can be described to be sales, psychology, design and customer satisfaction. Successful marketing plan both fulfills the customer needs and produces profits for the marketer.

The best way to do digital marketing is by using a your client’s website to promote their services or products. The website will act like a sales person where you put some information about the service or product trying to convince a customer to consume the service or product. You can also you social media and ads as a form of advertisement. Building a responsive and professional looking website for your client is the easy part but now you have to drive traffic to your website not just any traffic but potential customers called leads. Driving the right traffic to your website is key, this is called target marketing.
There are many ways to driving paid and free traffic to a client’s website.

  1. SEO search engine optimisation this is when you make your website appear in search engine search results.
  2. Social media. You can put links back to your website on your social media networks
  3. Facebook and google ads. These are paid for and they don’t usually disappoints.
  4. Email marketing

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Build a Brand name
This is a very important factor not only for digital marketing agencies but any type of a business. Building a brand name will help you get loyal clients, make advertising easier and increase consumer trust better. With that said, there are many things you have to take into consideration if you want to build a brand name in digital marketing. Branding isn’t just about creating a logo and a website, it is about making a good impression from your product and services delivered so that your identity would be remembered from customers and in the market.
Factors affecting your brand name

  1. Vision
  2. Mission
  3. Quality of goods or services
  4. Customer service
  5. Pricing
  6. Logo

Since you are now an entrepreneur therefore you should look at the possible challenges you might face when starting your digital marketing agency. Here are some challenges that l thing you might face

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