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Social media marketing

With more and more people engaging in social media, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that is where the most potential clients are and that social media marketing is the way forward in this century. Social media marketing is very import to small businesses because it is a source of free traffic/clients to your business or website. To get the most out of social media marketing you should target your clients { target marketing}, this is when you target people who are most likely to be interested in your service or product which means that these people are likely to be your future clients. Note that before targeting your clients please l advise you really understand the clients, which means you should look at ” their age , what are their pains, their behavior online etc”this is to be able to choose the right social media channel when targeting your clients.  There are so many social media platforms some which are not that well-known but very useful. These social media networks will be very  useful after launching your online or offline business.There is more on social media than this post so l advice you to enroll in this cheap course from a social media expert. Do you want to know how to start your own online business the right way, if yes click on the link below. Digital marketing agencies are the masters of of social media marketing. If you are interested in online businesses read our 5 step guide.

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Facebook is biggest social media platform so this means that you should put most of your time improving your account and marketing. The first thing to do after starting up your business is to create a fan page and a private group, with that done you now need to promote you page by creating Facebook ads which are very cheap $10 for your ads to run for 5 days. Share your website links and posts on your page and in your group. You also have to join other related groups and before joining them you must read the rules of the group because if you break these rules you account might be suspended for a couple of days.

Facebook has recently introduced a new algorithm on feeds, posts which are links are being down rated. What this means is that if you post a link Facebook won’t expose it to many people on their feeds but l will show you how to outsmart this algorithms and drive a tonne of traffic to your website still sharing links. You add a related picture to your, add a comment, post and in the description you describe your product or service then you tell the reader that the link is in the first comment.

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When posting please try not to post the same post to many groups, Facebook will take this as spamming and then suspend your account. The other trick is to comment on other posts and in that comment leave a referral link to your website.

Most people outside USA barely know Pinterest but it is a great source of traffic for many businesses. Pinterest is actually not a social network is more like a search engine. People got there to search for their interest and the search results are in the form of pins which is simply a descriptive image. When they click on your post they will find a link to your website or the pins will be actually a link to your website.

Since it is a search engine you must optimize your account for SEO which simply means use descriptive names for your pins, boards, account name, account description and alt names for the pin pic. let me tell you my Pinterest tips, the first tips is to follow many people in the same field of business trust me some will follow you back, the second tips is make long and attractive pins because people on Pinterest love long pins, the third one is to pin at least 5 pins everyday and the pins don’t need to be yours also pin pins from other people and lastly join group boards which are well established.

3. Twitter
We all know twitter but it’s not a good source of traffic for small businesses because they probably won’t have many followers. For you to get followers you have to follow as many people in the related field they will follow you back and link your twitter account to your other social media accounts.

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4. Reddit
Reddit is a growing social network and is a great source of traffic. For you to get most out of Reddit you need to participate a lot in the subreddits because they use karma points and upvotes to rank your comment or post. You have to write quality content and share a link for the link to be seen by many or to appear on the first page of Reddit.

Quota is a question and answer social network, let me explain Quora, it is a network that allows users to ask any question and allow any user to answer the question. If you are a smart entrepreneur you can see why this social network might be of great use to get clients. What you have to do is to search for questions that your service or product might be able to answer the questions. People ask questions because they are facing challenges or problems so if you service or product can solve those challenges, well done you have just found a potential buyer. You can also share links of your product in Quora spaces which are just like Facebook groups.

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